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Mulberry Jenah Series Strike A Pose On The Stage

August 22, 2011

The Mulberry classics will strike a pose on the stage in bright colors this season, which will bring some vitality into Maggie, Roxanne Tote, Bayswater and other types of Mulberry handbags. These colors include ruby red, light purple,white, black, coral and pink.Joelle series interpret classics by combining metal accessories with super soft foliation leather. We are surprised to find an entirely new Shimmy series as we see the match of sports strap with large metal accessories. And the sister model of Shimmy comes on stage with round bottom and long strap, and the light beige brings us sense of romance. When we come to the Jenah series, we will be fascinated by its luxury and leisureliness.Black,white,and beige quality leather, paired up with classic braided chain to give us unforgettable impressions.


Simple Metropolitan style Mulberry Shimmy

August 16, 2011

The simple metropolitan style Mulberry Shimmy makes a good contrast with its sports straps and soft cowhide.Dark purple, light sand, and silver are the dominant colors of this Shimmy handbag, and these colors present us a tameless impression when they are matched with mirror faced metal pendants. You will easily associate the Mulberry Coated Canvas series with the colorful raincoats of the drippy April, as the Italian water-proof canvas brings a new look to the Roxanne, Bayswater and Roxanne Tote. These three Mulberry bags are all ultralight and emerge in luxurious orange and purple and especially this rose-print canvas Roxanne Tote, is your best companion in the sunny days of a freezing winter.

Mulberry Purses Burst into Colorful Bloom

August 16, 2011

When the chill of the winter still lingers around London, these world-famous brands are competing with each other fiercely to catch public eyes. It will definitely be a lively spring. Mulberry changes its old ways of being sober and mature and brings to us an entirely different image this spring. This time, Mulberry bursts into full bloom. Hyacinth and saffron flourish in the early spring rains. The use of diversified materials show us luxuriant colors and layers. Still, the Mulberry classics adopt the pseudo-classic orange and royal purple. And the exotic emerald makes its debut this time.

The Party Girls’ Beloved Mulberry Series

August 13, 2011

The Mulberry Pretty Baby skirt has its pseudo-classic print and surface drape treatment to reveal the mashup dress of rock-and-roll girls. The suit-dresses are fulfilled with bold colors and brilliant luxury. The Mulberry Maggie series are made of glossy patent leather, ranging from strawberry to green,to white, and to the pseudo-classic copper snakeskin. And the last one, Poppy, is decorated by shiny ruby red and bright blue snakekin. Party girls will surely find their loved ones from this series. The newest metal accessories add more demeanor to a perfect appearance. This season, Mulberry’s 2011 autumn/winter advertisements will still be supervised by Steven Meisel, the hired cameraman of Vogue. This time, Steven Meisel will cooperate with Iselin Sterio and Natasa Vojnovic to make a perfect shot of Mulberry autumn/winter series.

The Personalized Mulberry Handbags’ Rebellion

August 11, 2011

This season, Mulberry will bring you back to the anti-streamism of the first period of the 1990s, when the individual dressing style was emphasized based on the principle of comfort.The 2011 Autumn/Winter series got their inspiration from these anti-stream figures such as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. The classic Mabel comes to stage this time with bright peachblow and ocean blue, and its cognac saddle leather brings to us aristocracy. The new generation Mulberry items are fulfilled with transparency elements, decorated by glossy indigo calf hair and leopard print. And more than the handbags, the thick-hair baize coats, scarves,and hats, which are all made of Mongolian sheepskin, create a slovenly luxurious style.

Mulberry Wallets Prefer Military Styles

August 9, 2011

This season, Mulberry outlet is going to bring you back to the anti-stream atmosphere of the initial stage of the 1990s,when the standing ground of dressing was to give expression to personal style in a comfortable dress.The inspiration of the 2011 Mulberry outlet Autumn/Winter series comes from the anti-stream figures of that time such as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.The men’s wear accessories reveal their true quality with multiple new styles and real stuff. The Sandhurst oversize and Sandhurst slim bag ,both are made of pseudo-classic leather or canvas,throw off rich service uniform flavor. And what is more, the fashionable Warren series transform into handbags and double-strapped bags, including pseudo-classic taupe,gray and black. For every day use, you may choose the lightweight Morgan and Jacob slim bag.

Mulberry Outlet Has A Good Performance in Great Britain

August 8, 2011

More than the expanding Asian market, the British market is also a big source of Mulberry outlet’s sale increase, as foreigners take advantage of the devaluation of British pounds to rush to buy the Mulberry items.Davids says that the performance of Mulberry outlet in Britain is good, as the department stores in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester all behave well. “ The British consumers have a good demand for our products.But as the demand was stronger than our expectation, Mulberry outlet did not follow the pace of our customers, which constrained the increase of Mulberry’s sale.” he told the reporters.
As Mulberry outlet is a manufacturer of quality products, it is not sensible that it can produce so many products in a short time. The time of delivery for quality leather ware is approximately 6 months.The pre-tax profits of Mulberry increases from 4.2 million pounds to 5.1 pounds, and the earning per share increases from 4.5 pennies to 5.2 pennies, and distributable dividend from 2 pennies of last year to 2.2 pennies.