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Mulberry’s Ice Cream Clear Tote Just for 175 Dollars

August 30, 2011

Designer Julie is a famous Dutch illustrator,who helped Louis Vuitton release the collage products in 2003 and gained a big success. She once cooperated with brands like Lancome, Topshop, Nick Knight’s Show Studio and Sketch. Julie’s elegant and creative works bring freshness to these brands. With the help of Julie, Jimmy Choo releases Dylan this spring. Dylan is a transparent plastic beach handbag that features the color of pink and yellow.Compared with Dylan, Mulberry’s Ice Cream Clear Tote is richer in artistic quality and reserve value, and its price is more friendly: Dylan is more than 1000 U.S.dollars and Mulberry’s Ice Cream is just 175 U.S. dollars, only one fifth of Dylan’s price. But of course, for a plastic bag, 175 U.S. dollars is not cheap. Let’s imagine that this summer, we will see this florid transparent plastic bag on all beaches and streets. But please see that as this bag is transparent, you should not put your underwear in it.

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