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Mulberry Outlet Has A Good Performance in Great Britain

August 8, 2011

More than the expanding Asian market, the British market is also a big source of Mulberry outlet’s sale increase, as foreigners take advantage of the devaluation of British pounds to rush to buy the Mulberry items.Davids says that the performance of Mulberry outlet in Britain is good, as the department stores in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester all behave well. “ The British consumers have a good demand for our products.But as the demand was stronger than our expectation, Mulberry outlet did not follow the pace of our customers, which constrained the increase of Mulberry’s sale.” he told the reporters.
As Mulberry outlet is a manufacturer of quality products, it is not sensible that it can produce so many products in a short time. The time of delivery for quality leather ware is approximately 6 months.The pre-tax profits of Mulberry increases from 4.2 million pounds to 5.1 pounds, and the earning per share increases from 4.5 pennies to 5.2 pennies, and distributable dividend from 2 pennies of last year to 2.2 pennies.

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