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Mulberry outlet’s Turnover Rises Violently

August 5, 2011

Mulberry outlet corporation has planed to open its first franchised store in mainland China in a year.This year,Mulberry outlet opened two new stores in New York city.In general, the sale will increase 84% this autumn as compared with 2009 when the sale was hit by financial crisis.The Mulberry sale in Britain and Europe will increase by more than 50%. Davids said that Mulberry had a strong growth at the beginning of the new fiscal year.In the first 10 weeks, the sale increased by 35% in stores that had operated for more than 1 year.” The current figure shows that sale in this new fiscal year will increase more quickly than last year.” he said. By March 31st of the new fiscal year,the Mulberry sale rises by 23%, to 7210 British pounds(amounts to 107 million U.S.dollars.)The demand for Mulberry classics and the other two fringe soft bags: Mitzy and Daria has pushed forward the sale of Mulberry products.Inspired by television presenter Alexa Chung, Mulberry brings the Alexa flavor to its Bayswater series.

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