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Mulberry and American supermodel Kori Richardson

July 2, 2011

Kori Richardson is the American model in recent years, T stage, rising star, she has blond hair and blue eyes, tall slender figure, as descending from the sky wizard. She is carrying Mulberry outlet’s 2011 toting purple spring and summer Shimmy Shoulder Bag series. Shimmy series of clever use of contrast, the movement style straps with large metal parts, with soft dark grain leather, brings a fresh face Manners. Its sister section to the round bottom bag with backpack debut with the long, pale beige to bring romantic feeling. Alexa Chung is a British popular star, a supermodel who is a smash hit. BBC is now doing her host, but also has given a British women’s magazines write a column. Her style is to put the hands of the spring and summer 2011 series of Brown Shimmy models.Supermodel Jourdann Dunn also Mulberry (handbags) 2011 Spring Shimmy series put it down.

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