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Story of Mulbbery

April 28, 2011

Roger Saul, the founder of Mulberry outlets, started his Mulberry empire in his Somerset Mansion in 1970, and has kept  the spirits of Mulberry until today. The real stuff material and original product design is even more alluring, both of which are essential elements for mulberry outl’s success.Mulberry, a one hundred years old British Brand, was once in its downturn during some periods.But there were some innovations to the brand,such as the revitalization of the brand,multi-pockets design,and multi-rings design, which bring style and  utility to the brand to make it again takes the world by storm.

 Mulberry outlet is specialized in leather goods.  Its super-skilled craftsmen in the England located factory present us the applied,original and elegant textured Mulberry leatherware. The mulberry outlet  handbags break away from the gaudiness of other brands and push forward into the pseudo-classic style.The massy and strong-smelling leather, the heavy use of metal rivets, the strap and the copper-colored metal accessories suggest the Mediaeval times.

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